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I have just got over having Shingles and have now been offered the jab for it.

Two people i know have had the jab, and had a bad reaction with it, and landed up in A and E and was put on steroids. so i am having second thoughts.

Neither of them had cancer.

Was  wondering if anyone on site has taken it up, with no problems.



    • I haven’t yet but have been invited to have the jab along with flu and covid so would also like some first hand advice 
  • Well i was, though now thinking shall i.

  • I haven’t had a shingles jab (but have had shingles) 

    I recently had the covid jab (in between chemo cycles) I suffered a bit after it for the first time. Wasn’t sure if it was the chemo or the jab. But it only lasted a few days. The flu jab was no problem  

  • Its only the shingles jab bit concerned about, yes like you had shingles, but you can get it again.

    Two people had it, arm swelled right up, gp  marked it all, and said if the redness spreads a and e  that is where they  landed up and put on steroids.

  • I don’t think I’d bother having the jab. You don’t get shingles too often if at all again. But I know there’s no way of knowing  


  • If you have had chickenpox, the virus stays in you, and some thing can set it of, and comes out as shingles.  as it only comes out, in one area of the body, if triggered again comes out in another thats is why the  jab .So explained by the  GP.

  • I was advised by the nurses in my treatment clinic not to have any jabs...covid, flu or shingles, whilst I'm on immunotherapy, as my immune system has enough to do without bombarding it with anything else! So I have avoided any jabs since then. So far, I haven't had any of the diseases. Fingers crossed....

  • Hi yes when i was on treatment, i was told i could not have anything, that they call a live vaccine, and i never, and like you, i was good.

    Not on any treatment at moment, have had flu and covid, jabs with no problems, it is just the shingles i am concerned about, two people i know have had it, not got cancer and landed up at a and e ,x

  • Hi Ellie hope you don’t mind me asking but what lung cancer do you have that you don’t need any treatment at the moment xx


  • Hi of course i do not mind.

    I had two years after my chemo, finished  of immunotherapy and finished December 2018, was clear till 2021, slight growth and had 13 sessions radiotherapy, hope this helps. Just ask when you might want to know anything, x