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Hi everyone, just wondered how do you stay positive and hopeful, I do try really hard and succeed a lot I think, but there is always the little sadness in the back of my mind !! Hope I’m not brining people down xxxx 

  • Hi i am sorry  to see you here, though you are very welcome.

    How do i stay  positive, not always easy one has to say.

    I cannot change, what might be, so why waste my time, brining my self down, do not get me wrong, i have down moments, but, i have a good friend who i talk to, and release my emotions, always makes me fill better, then carry on.

    You can talk here about anything and everything, and we will listen, thats why we are all here, for each other.

    I do not really tell  my nearest and dearest i try to protect them as much as i can, might be wrong who knows.

    You can scream, cry, shout, swear, or laugh here how ever you fill, we have all been there.

    Hope others pop in to welcome you.


  • Hi Joedan 

    welcome to the group. Sorry you have to be here. But we are all here to support each other on a hard journey that sometimes has a lighter, funnier path. 
    I call myself a yo yo …up and down when I’m up everything’s fine! So i learn to take the rough with the smooth. I’m no wise owl in giving advice.
    I have a good friend who doesn’t mollycoddle me and that helps me get back up when I’m down. 
    Two loving sons…I tend to spare them but hubby has to watch me day by day. So I can’t spare him. But we both have a sense of humour that goes a long way in dealing with it all.  
    Trust you will find your way too. Keep posting , we are here for you. 
    Judy xxx

  • Thank you, was just seeing how others cope, xxx 

  • Hi,  A warm welcome.

    Well it isn't always easy but it is better to feel positive than negative in my opinion because it makes for a better day. We all have ups and downs, the idea is to know when you are having a down day and try to change it by doing something positive. The more you practice, the better you get!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • It's OK to have a down day, everyone does! We're not super human! Yes, it helps, I think, to have a generally positive attitude to life. But it doesn't mean you've 'failed' if you feel down at times. Sometimes, I think we expect too much of ourselves.

    When I'm feeling less than positive, I do something that I like....having a bath, taking my dog out, going to a cafe. Anything to distract myself!

  • Thanks everyone, really helped, I do try to be positive but responses have helped, hope e has a lovely day xx 

  • Hi Joedan 

    Sorry that you have needed to come here. Positivity can be elusive for me sometimes but other times I forget about the cancer and get on with it. It’s helped me to get out for a walk everyday and to have things to look forward to. Joining cancer groups and investigating what local charities over has really helped me as has meeting other people with secondary cancer. I hear that Maggie’s centres are excellent if you have one near you but I know there aren’t many. Helen Rollason also offer complimentary therapies and your local hospice may run groups. It really helps to talk with people going through similar experiences to you. Be kind to yourself and wallow sometimes if you want. It took me a while to grieve for the life I thought I was going to have and that’s been a huge thing for me to work through.

    Jac x

  • Thank you for your reply, and help xx 

  • Hi Jordan, welcome to our club which no one wants to join, your feelings are quite normal we are all the same with recent diagnosis. You have come to the right place for help, I was told January 21, we have members who have been living with cancer far longer than I, as for how to stay positive we each differ because we all have different cancers but all incurable, the thing is you sort of get used to it, shoving the cancer to the back of you mind and just get on with living a normal life, we are like everyone else, everyone is going to die, don't know when, where, don't know how, I told everyone I know straight away, after all the questions are answered, their attitude to me hasn't changed, I'm just a normal guy living my life enjoying my family and friends.

    If you want you can read my profile by touching the flower pot man icon. All the best Ulls