Clot or no clot

For some time now there has been the suspicion that I may have a clot in my lung. Easily detectable if you can have CT scans with contrast.  Unfortunately I am allergic to contrast , the last time I had contrast it resulted in an anaphylactic fit. Very scary and something I do not wish to repeat. So this means possible blood clots get confused with the many lung mets that took up residency about 10 years ago. 
As a precaution I have been taking Apixaban. 
This weekend I started getting severe pain in my right lung and my breathlessness has worsened.

Net result I’m writing this from a not too comfy hospital bed. My blood thinner has been changed and I will be going for a different kind of scan the name of which escapes me. Even this will not 100% confirm whether there is a clot. My gut feeling is that the Consultants gut feeling is that there is a clot. 

Is there anyone out there that is or has been in the same position. If so what happened. 

BTW. Today has been the first time I’ve been asked the DNR question. Bit scary. Not sure if I should read something into it. 


  • Well perhaps I should ignore my gut in future. The results of my VQ scan show no evidence of blood clot. Yippee . So I’m now slightly radioactive for about 24 hours and looking elsewhere for the source of the pain. I’m mightily relieved that blood clot been ticked off. I didn’t much fancy fighting cancer for 15 years just for a stroke to see me off. 
    This trip as an inpatient has been quite depressing. I know all cancer wards are depressing places but on this occasion I have been surrounded by inmates who seem to want to talk about their cancer and treatment all the time. Sadly almost revelling in any new symptom   I don’t know whether I’m unusual but I hate being defined by my cancer. I have other things to talk and importantly laugh about. I do hope my new friends will come to feel the same and I wish them all well. 

  • I am pleases, it turned out, all fine.#

    I understand about not always talking about cancer, I fully agree with you.

    I have a life and it goes on, not the one  i had, though, i am still here, at times i forget i do have it, and carry on , and focus, on my family, and those nearest and dearest.

    I love to laugh, over stupid things, can always see another side to a situation, sometimes, gets me into bother, though so be it.



  • Are you home yet  ?  

  • Hopefully tomorrow. Fingers crossedHaving a couple of days on a nebuliser to try and clear my lung before they let me lose. 

  • Or even loose 

  • Hi  

    Good news that it's not a clot. I know the feeling re people that want to compare cancers and oneupmanship with it all. I think other patients may have thought I was stand offish at the chemo unit as I don't want to discuss it with strangers. I always took plenty to read. Hope you're feeling better and closer to being discharged from hospital.

    A x

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