Good news?

Hi guys, 

I recently had another ct scan prior to seeing my oncologist. I saw her today and was told that the chemo has made my cancer shrink a bit in both areas. I'm carrying on with another 3 cycles of chemo which will be 8 in total. After that my results are referred to Basingstoke where they'll decide on that happens next. 

I know I should be happy with the results but I'm not really. I don't know why.  Has anyone had dealing with Basingstoke 

Thanks for reading. 

Stay safe everyone. 


  • Hi Nick it’s always good to hear that chemo has helped to shrink the tumours so take encouragement from that. I don’t know anything about Basingstoke, 

    keep in touch and sending positive vibes to you xxx



  • Hi, sorry i also do not have  any dealing with Basingstoke, though i am sure others may have.

    I agree with Judy, any shrinkage is good, it is a hard road, we are all on, though i am sure everything will get easier for you.

    Some hospitals, refer people to another hospital as the treatment may be to there advantage, i really do not know for sure.

    Glad you reached out to the group, and i really do wish you well.



  • Good for you, done your profile, and you have been threw so much, you have come this far, and will go further.



  • Hi Nick

    Just read your profile and what a journey you've been on, so we'll done on coping with all of that, not sure I would have coped as well as you. Having done so well and come so far it just shows me you have the fight to keep moving forward, so keep going the way you are and I'm sure there is some good in all of this for you and please give the dogs a great big hug I'm sure they do a lot for you to keep you going, they really work hard for you and they don't even know it. Be as happy as you can and do what you feel is right for you, it appears to me you have a good medical team around you making good decisions, so best paw forward.

    Hope you have a good weekend, her any time you need a chat 


  • Hi  

    Hello Nick, just read your profile, you've been through a lot. Your dogs sound great and well done on 4-6 miles every day. I remember my appointment at the end of treatment and I was told that chemo and radio had been successful and there was no active cancer. I felt very nonplussed. I've later read that it's quite a common response. I'm sorry I don't know Basingstoke either.

    A x

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  • Hi Nick, Well you have to enjoy the wins and shrinkage IS a win. How can you not be pleased! What would you have felt if they'd said there is NO change, no shrinkage! In my opinion even that is better than them saying it has grown! Any victory is still a victory!

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi, thanks for the positivity, it helps.

    I think I might have been expecting something else, what I'm not sure. 

    I realised it good  news and am happy but on the day I just didn't really feel anything. 

    Thanks again. 

    Take care and stay safe. 

  • Hi, thanks for the support. It was a strange day, I just didn't really feel anything. I've now woken up and of coarse I'm happy with the results. 

    Thank you again.

    Take care and stay safe.

  • Thanks for the supportive words Judy. I think I was having a badish day and now realised everything is good. 

    Thanks again. 

    Stay safe and take care. 

  • Thanks Annette.  Not sure why I was negative on the day. As I said to another member, I think I was expecting something else. Not sure what though. 

    I'm good now and realise your all right. 

    Thanks again.

    Stay safe and take care.