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Is there anyone find it hard to, or feel they can't talk ? Even though you know everyone is kind and supportive and that we are all dealing with cancer.

It doesn't make any difference that we are all 'anonymous' it still feels as though you're sat round a table with everyone and their eyes are on you. 

There's so much you'd like to say, but don't because your not used to talking. You put it in your diary, which is great, but that's one sided.  

You sit there with your fingers poised over the keyboard, but then you back off and think, ' i''ll do it tomorrow' which as we know .. never comes !.

Cat x

  • Well should not fill like that, just post, and people, will answer you, or can relate to what you are saying. In fact i have gone the opposite way.

    I would never say anything, now if i have some thing to say, i say it, get it of my chest, and always fill so much better. I had a time i told my oncologist i was angry with a situation, and she agreed with m, i do nit hold back now, nothing to lose.

    Later going out, have a scan happy days. xxx

  • Everyone is probably more interested in everyone else’s problems than their own, so, post away, you are doing the rest of us a favouwe are all basically nosey!

  • Hi Cat,

    You know what they say, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today! There is a lot said here we wouldn't say to our family because we try to shelter them a bit.

    Dont think about it, just say it!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Probably another good reason not to post Unamused 


  • Hi  are you feeling like you want to post to get your feeling out, but really don’t want a discussion about it? If so there is a group on the forum called The Room where you can do just that. You make your post, but then walk away and close the door without expecting a reply. Just a thought if you wanted to give that a try x 


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  • Yes and no, Chelle.

    There are things i'd like to say, but i was also wondering how many others out there felt the same way.

    Cat x

  • Hi

    Unless you say you will not know, and others will not know, how you fill, no one  will judge.

    Later got to have my first cuppa, got company coming,xxx

  • Hi cat. Mine bit different as I've basically no support from my adult kids. Again  I sat them down individually and spoke how I was feeling and that I needed emotional support from them both. I mite aswell have banged my head of the wall. My daughter never visits im just a texting buddy 2 her. My son fits me in every couple weeks for a breakfast. I find I keep a lot to myself as I give e up trying to explain how I feel to anyone now .take care xx