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Is there anyone in this group under the age of 65 who lives in a nursing home? I’m wondering if that’s an option.

Many thanks

  • I don't currently know anyone not elderly in a nursing home, but one of my cousins moved into one in her 30s when her MS was no longer manageable at home. 


  • Hi My cousin also went into a Nursing Home when she was in her 40's at her request. Apart from her, the only people I know in Nursing Homes are over 65.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. Have you thought about carers. I know people under 65 who have 4 carers coming into their home each day. 

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi  

    There are different types of homes. A nursing home is for people that need 24hr nursing care, this would normally have to be approved due to costs. 

    A residential home is for people that need some sort of carer/warden but have some independence. They may need district nurse visits. 

    Decisions are usually made by social workers after a hospital admission and care needs change. It may be worth speaking to your GP to see if you can find out more or who to contact. Best regards.

    A x

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