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Hi everyone, well Tvman is dropping in with the latest news. To friends that I chatted with and to all the new incurables that don't know me I have an update on the latest about Mrs Tvman.

Just briefly to my new colleagues, I have been present in this group for about 6 years. I have an incurable bone marrow cancer and I have treatment every week since 2015. What happened is what I dreaded happening. My wife of 44 years was diagnosed with bowel cancer at Easter this year. What a bolt from the blue that was. She had returned the biennial poo testing sample and we couldn't believe or couldn't comprehend why it is happening to us. It has turned out to be rectal cancer and she is now going into her 2nd week of 5 of chemo and radiotherapy. 

I know that dear Ruth is no longer with us, I was communicating with her through my rock and best friend Annette (anndanv) almost daily for several weeks and Annette was relaying messages from Ruth to me. Ruth's family were with her at the end, something that she and they wished for. 

As a result of my wife's diagnosis, I have bowed out of the community for a while. I have so much on my plate at the moment, caring for my wife and attending my own hospital appointments that are coming thick and fast. 

Take care everyone, it's great to have a foot in the door again. Any messages I'm sure Annette will pass them on.

Tvman xx 

  • Hi TVman

    So good to see you back, no need for thanks on my po art, when I was diagnosed you was one of the first people to offer support and for that I am always grateful, I can understand Mrs TVman not wanting to tell others I felt the same, but you gave her the best advice about telling her family, you are such a wonderful supportive person. 

    To date I have only told my close family I have cancer, I want the rest of the world to treat me normally and not avoid me so I haven't told friends or work colleagues and I think that ok for me. 

    I am wishing Mrs TVman a good recovery it's so good to hear it's been caught early so I wish the very best for both of you 

    Hugs and prayers