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After lots of thought I decided to go for chemo today. My white cells are raised which indicates an infection. Doctor says he won’t stop the treatment but I have to be aware and what do I want to do.

Decided to take treatment but just feel everything against me. Couldn’t get the pic line in either.

Hope I’ve made the right decision.


  • Hi Trust your Doctors and Nurses they have done this a long time You are not the first picc line does not go in and not the last.

    If you had not given it ago, you would have wondered what if, you can do this,

    Reach out on here if you need any help or advise, always some one here with  an answer, so many people may get problems, and they can advise.


  • Thank you Ellie. That has made  me feel so much better reading your comment and very true about the pic line.

    Enjoy your evening.


  • Hi Mags,  I agree with Ellie, you have to trust your Team as they will do the best they can for you! I'm sure any decision you make is the right one for you.

    good luck this could be the start of things going your way, I certainly hope so!!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi Mags, you are a very strong lady, having been through so much already, I never had chemo yet it's waiting in the wins, however like the other ladies are saying trust the oncology team. No matter what side effects are, life is still worth living, I'm having a 100 year old birthday party in just over 24 year's please come.big Ulls 

  • Hello Annette,

    Thank you for replying. I went ahead with it.

    I read your profile and you are inspiring.

    I really do appreciate you taking the time to write something to me.

    Have a great day x

  • Morning Ulls,

    You are so right. I went ahead with it and put my trust in them.

    Thank you for the invite. I’ve put it in my diary.

    Two smiley faces attached to the two sentences above but I don’t know if I can do them on here.

    Have a great day Ulls x

  • Hi Mags the smile faces did not come through but emojis are odd on here sometimes ThumbsupThumbsupInnocent

  • Thanks Mags, I'm no different to anyone else on this roller coaster but thanks for your comments.

    I'm pleased you have gone ahead as you never know when a miracle will happen!

    Sorry you read that long profile, I've been trying to get around to making it a bit more compact and keep it up to date but I'm busy doing other things!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi Ulls, I hope I'm getting an invite, I'm sure it will be the Party to go to in 2047!!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Fingers crossed for that miracle for all of us.

    Have a good day Annette.

    Mags x