If I still feel ill for face to face????

I am struggling after my first chemo session and starting to worry about my upcoming face to face with my oncologist on Friday.  Is it OK to pitch up not feeling great???

  • Absolutely ok Linsa to speak truthfully. I do wish I could do the same! My son comes with me now to make sure that a ask questions rather than hide from knowing the answers. 
    the oncologist would rather have the concerns and questions put to him/her. 
    I’m on my 11th chemo now and I’m only just beginning to relax..knowing the side affects don’t last and I’m going to be fine in a few days. 
    love n hugs Hugging 

    Judy xxxx


  • Hi if i remember right, after my first one, had a face to face, and the oncologist just wanted to know, how i was feeling and coping, and some times, they can reduce the chemo if suffering really bad.

    Just say it how it is.

    You will get in a routine, and will know, how you was going to be roughly.

    You start to pick up, then another comes along,  and when finished you wonder how yo did it, we all come threw it,



  • If you are struggling due to the effects of the chemo, then unless you are too poorly to travel I would go, they will want to assess whether the treatment needs to be adjusted.

    If you are worried for a different reason it may be worth calling your liaison nurse and explaining your concerns.

    Good luck x