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Good morning 

I’m going to the gym at my local hospice later. I’m going to ask the physiotherapist there for exercises to help me get stronger. I used to love running but can’t do that anymore due to cancer in bones. I went swimming a couple of weeks ago and found that helped my nerve pains, it was also incredibly therapeutic. I also love to walk and find it helpful for organising my thoughts. Do any of you excercise? What helps you? 

Jac x

  • No replies Jac so it looks like everyone is exercising! 

    I like to walk, no stamina to do anything else. I would swim but no where close to me.

  • I used to love to swim Jac, but haven't been able to for a long time. I have to rely on a mobility scooter to get me about, due to a bad lung problem during the first lock down.

    I've been trying to get to a local Qi Gon, but since being diagnosed and everything going on at the mo, and with my Rig it's not been possible.

    Once things have settled, i''ll be looking at booking in.

    Cat x

  • I used to love to swim and walk but now being wheelchair dependant I can't walk outside the house and due to the nerve damage down my right leg if I try and swim I go round in circles!! I really need to start doing some wheelchair exercise I'm sure I will be able to find some on YouTube. BodyPump was a favourite and if I could find something similar to that but seated I would be happy. I really need to do something but it getting past the fatigue that's the problem

  • it’s good that you can go to the gym Jac. I’m waiting to be referred to a hospice so that I can use their facilities. 
    I miss not being able to do my high tensity exercises. And I too need to continue to build up my body strength. 
    At the moment I walk my dog, Ollie, up to an hour a day and use light weight dumbbells to strengthen my chest and muscles. 
    up to last September I swam 13 lengths but haven’t been swimming since. 
    Let us know how you get on 

    Judy xxx

  • Hi  

    Like you Jac, I used to run, I loved it, it was hard graft but worth it. I've got a bag full of medals from doing events. I did 10k and half marathons. I enjoyed the Liverpool HM the best, the weather was mizzly and it was windy running alongside the river but great memories.  I can't run now as I had pelvic bone mets and I've since learnt that there had been a fracture I didn't know about. 

    I like to walk my running routes and if my head is done in, it sorts me out and lifts me a bit. I feel like I should be doing my aerobics DVDs as I want to lose weight but I am still having fatigue. I also garden which is good exercise, when the rain would ever let up. I don't go swimming I find it all too much palaver with the undressing, lockers etc. If you don't mind me asking, how did you find out about the gym at the hospice? Would I need to be referred to mine or do I just ring to find out about facilities. I'm incurable but currently stable, don't know if that makes a difference.


    A x

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  • Thanks for your replies everyone. The physiotherapist at the hospice was lovely and showed me what excerises I could do to help strengthen my bones (resistance types) and would have done a little bit of weights but I’ve got a shoulder thing at the moment and physio thought best not to. She can refer me to the leisure centre to get a reduced rate on swimming and gym if I want that. The hospice gym was tiny but had a couple of machines. I had a go at cycling. 
    Sistermoon, I can’t remember who told me about the hospice but I originally got in touch for counselling which was very helpful. They’ve also helped to chase something up with hospital over something and physio was something mentioned when a nurse came round to do an initial assessment. I don’t think you need to be referred and I’m same as you at the moment, stable and incurable. Go for it, the hospice where I go is lovely. All green around, has a cafe and all staff are helpful and kind. 

  • Thanks very much  

    What is a Community Champion?

    I am a Macmillan volunteer. 

    Macmillan Support Helpline

    0808 808 00 00 

    7 days a week between 8am -8pm

  • Tai Chi helps with my balance and muscles. It's also very calming and peaceful to do.  Rainie x

  • I do still run (no problems with bones). I use weights and body weight exercises. I swim, I go to Aqua classes and I walk. I am lucky that (at least at the moment), the cancer isn’t impacting my ability to do things, it’s just the effect of treatments. All of it really helps with headspace. I am usually mentally ok but am about to start treatment again and in a bit of a tailspin about it. I know if I exercise I will feel better so parkrun tomorrow morning it is. 

  • I don't run, but I enjoy walking and cycling. I do a pilates class once a week and have recently started swimming again after a break of many years. During my treatment I had an online personal trainer twice a week provided through a Macmillan sponsored trial.

    I have occasionally paid for booster sessions from the same trainer, she is very good and has qualifications specific to people with cancer. If anyone would like to know more please message me!