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I was given 6-12 months to live in March, yes I'm aware that it could be shorter or much longer , but I want to get my affairs in place .

I've made a will, I'm my sons appointee so I've changed it over to my wife, I'm also my sons third party access on his bank and have now put my wife down as well so she can handle his affairs when I'm no longer here , my son Is autistic in case your wondering why .

I've wrote my passwords down so my wife can get into my bank account etc to cancel things etc .

I have no debt so there isn't any issues there .

But in 3 years my wife will be 60 I'd like to get her a card but I want it to be given to her when she's 60, not now , I can't give it my son to give her, he'd forget, I can't ask my step daughter because she would lose it and I have no one else , so I was wondering if anyone knew of a company that yiu could buy and pay for a card to be sent out but for a date 3 years from now? 

  • Hello Nala,

    You might want to check about the position re. your bank account. If it's a joint account with your wife there won't be any issue, but if it's a personal account in your name only, then it may be frozen when the bank is notified until probate is granted. Just check this to be sure.

    I've certainly used florist websites months in advance to send flowers with a card and I know friends who use on-line greetings card sites like Jackie Lawson and their calendar runs at least a year in advance. Maybe you can look into that to see if they do it further in the future?

    What about your solicitor? Maybe that's a possibility?

    Good luck,

    Rainie x

  • Regarding the banks, that is correct, my husband had a joint account, and when he passed, all i had to do was, have his name taken of,and all direct debits still came out,, which took a lot of hassle of having, to change, all direct debits, for the one left behind, Otherwise yes the account would be frozen the bank told me that, so please make sure, yours is in order and joint, makes life so much easier for the one left, and takes pressure of them.

    Was the best think hubby and i did was to have the joint account, 


  • Hi just read your profile, am i right in thinking  your in a same sex partnership/marriage, because if not married i really do not know how the situation works,, if that is the case, then, i really think you have to get legal advise, i am not sure, though if you phoned Macmillan, they have advisors that will help you, x

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. 

    But please don't take this the wrong way, I'm not interested in information about banks I only wrote about banks to say what I'd done so far regarding planning .

    What I'm more Interested about is , sending a card for her 60th should I not be around by then , its something I can not leave until the last minute in case I'm too poorly to be able to organise it, there is no one else to organise it for me and have no desire to go down a solicitor route .

  • Hopefully, you will still be round, will have to get my thinking cap on, if not a solicitor, there must be other organisation, that do that sort, of thing, if it was me, i think i would phone Macmillan, and they might be able to point you, in the right direction.  will be interesting to find out and know, xxx.

  • Hello Nala, I googled your question and unfortunately, nothing appropriate came up. I second the suggestion of companies such as, ‘Jacqui Lawson or Moonpig or FunkyPigeon’ who usually offer up to a year in advance.  My only other suggestion is that you have a Keepsakes box or similar and in there, have a section for future Birthday cards - i.e. you’ve purchased, signed and sealed the cards and your wife opens them as per the future dates on the cards. 

  • I do not know, about a religious , if you have a faith, my brain is going to the dozen xx