Reading pillow

Can anyone recommend a reading pillow for bed.

I am having increased pain  from secondary breast cancer in bones.

Thank you.


  • Hi Doreen,

    I have osteoarthritis and it affects my hands and wrists and I bought what is called an iBeani I use it to support my iPad,Kindle, book or whatever I think it might help with.

    After a while, I found it so good, I sent for another one, so now I have one I use in bed and the other I use downstairs.

    If you put iBeani into a search I'm sure it will come up. It looks like a small sort of triangular shaped cushion with a handle and a small pocket at the bottom. If you have any problem finding it, please let me know and I will look up their website!

    Love Annette x

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  • Thank you for reply.

    It's an actual pillow for behind my back I'm looking for to support me when sitting up in bed.

    The bone cancer is in my sternum back and ribs.

    So painful when I'm sitting up in bed to read.


  • Oh sorry Doreen, I got the wrong type of pillow. Have you seen the sort of V shaped one nursing mothers use? It's worth a look, it could work!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Thanks going to search Web.


  • Hi Dorset as Annette said the V shape people like there is also the long maternity pillow you can bend it twist , just put it were you want it. Hope you find something soon xx


  • Thank you I will look into those options. 


  • Maybe a small bolster cushion behind you kneck. I have to sleep upright, using two large cusions and four pillows, because of my feeding tube, plus I've had disc's removed from my neck and use one now and again to help... Maybe worth a try ??

    Although you said you didn't mean the IBeani, they also a great help too. I made one similar for myself and find it good. So i think you may find both really helpfull.

    Cat x

  • Thank you for suggestions. 

    I will look into those.