Not having a good day

Couldnt have treatment friday as platelets on the floor. Thought, oh well i get another week off - but sadly \i felt rubbich yesterday and mildly better today, but still knackered. My birthday today too ( just to lay it on thick.) Luckily I had Assumed i would be tired anyway had chemo happened last week, so didnt have pLans. Lots of flower and messages and some terrible cards ( i hate teddy bears and such= seems my own familly dont know me very well!)  I  asked for money again so I can make charitable donations- feels much better. And I like to pick chsrities which will annoy some people!

Hopefully I will pick up a bit eah day. Had Ct Thurs - shoud have known platelets would be low as I left  trail of blood behind me. Hope they dont have a murder in the scan room or my card is marked.

Got face to face appt for review Monday, not sure if they are inviting a few people in or if there is a reason. I will find out \ suppose.

I havent picked a song on the thread before - but "Comfortably Numb" seems appropriate today.

  • Happy birthday you old grumbleweed. You and your platelets have both got to be sorted out. Don't be hard on Teddies, that's Tedist.

    So your are going to donate to the Daily Mail suffering executives fund..?

    Face to face are good, they have to show you what they look like sooner or later.


  • I'm not a fan of teddy bear cards either!   Grimacing

    I'm also intrigued what your "charities that annoy people" are.  I'd best not share my unfavoured charities else I might get shot! 

  • Happy birthday sweetheart. Sending a virtual hugHeart

  • Happy birthday hope everything goes well on Monday for you xxx

  • Hi OBS, happy belated birthday, or should I say, "Baa Humbug"! Sorry you don't feel in the mood for a birthday, it is lovely to get cards rather than texts I think! People always give me smelly things I can't use because I have sensitive skin. Anyway it's the thought that counts! Yeh!!  I just hand them into a local charity shop, then when they sell them, they get a donation! Usually Cancer Research UK, Marie Curie Local Hospice, or McMillan. I too am intrigued which charities would annoy people and why. I must say, I believe Charity starts at Home, so I tend to give to UK charities!

    Face to face is good! I think some clinics are trying to get back to where they were before Covid! Good luck, please let us know how you get on!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Sorry OBS I missed this yesterday, so a happy belated birthday. The best birthday present I had was a sponsor a guide dog. The first pup was called Bailey, and I got updates on him throughout his training, until he was ready to go to his owner. When that sponsor finished I continued with a new pup, Kevin this time.  Not all guide dogs are successful in their training and need adopting elsewhere, and we have talked about looking into that. 

    Sorry to hear the platelets are not playing ball.  Wishing you all the best for the appointment on Monday xx 


    Try to be a rainbow,in somebody else's cloud
    Maya Angelou
  • Hope you were able to celebrate your birthday in some way.

    Good luck for Monday xx


  • Sorry OBS, I have had a couple of days away so I'm reading your post later than most.

    What appalling luck you have had, I hope your day improved as the day went on and you enjoyed at least a part of your birthday.

    Tvman xx 

    Love life and family.
  • Thanks to all of you for your responses. Luckily today I felt much better, so went out with one of my many sisters to a lovely garden and tea room. Have even planted up a couple of hanging baskets, so definitely feeling better - normally snoozing by now. For the nosey amongst you ( like me ) , local asylum seekers and refugee charity, as too many of my family read the Daily Mail.

    My house is inundated with flowers from people - need more vases!