• Baby born yesterday 

    name is Nora Ruth 

    i feel quite emotional. She is still in hospital with her mother until tomorrow 

    i am looking after all the dogs x


  • It's happened Ruth, we all knew it would. Congrats to all concerned, I bet there are more than a few tears! Such great news. Xxx

  • Thank you x


  • Lovely News, spoil her rotten, that is what nans do.

    Ellie x


  • Congratulations Ruth, wonderful news. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl xx 


    Try to be a rainbow,in somebody else's cloud
    Maya Angelou
  • congratulations to you Ruth!! She's a proper wee bundle!


  • How wonderful, congratulations on the arrival of Nora Ruth. What a lovely name, and how beautiful is she all swaddled up and placed at the foot of the cot. I hope that the dogs are all behaving for you xxx

    Love and best wishes 


  • Oh Ruth, She is gorgeous! How fantastic does it feel! I am pleased to say "I told you this would happen one day"!!!
     I am so thrilled for you, there is no other feeling like it........holding your first grandchild in your arms!!

    Enjoy every minute, you have waited long enough for this! I take it mum and baby are both doing well!!

    Have you made your mind up what Nora is going to call you? Grandma,Gran,Nanna, Nan,Granny or what? It is a big decision!!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • That's brilliant news Ruth, my wife's birthday is also the 26th of May. I'll remember next year to send you a message Slight smile Your granddaughter has recognised you and given her your name. No wonder you're feeling emotional. Seventh heaven. 

    Hope you can handle the dogs!

    Take care and stay safe Ruth

    Tvman xx

    Love life and family.
  • Thank you everyone. I am very pleased they are both well.

    i will be Gran as was my mum to her grandchildren 

    the dogs have been very good I have walked them one rolled in something yesterday 

    and had to be washed 

    Hopefully we will take them back tomorrow and see Nora when she gets home xx