Running Chat

Hi Folks

Claire here  Wave  There's been a few people mention running recently so I thought I'd start a thread for people to dip into, share aspirations, experiences, tips, ups and downs etc (hopefully there will be more relative ups than downs?!)  . . . . . .  Basically whatever you want to talk about :-)

I'll get the ball rolling!  Before I joined this club, I went to a running club, and a regular runner when WFH.  I'm on Strava, if that's anyone else's Thing.  I did a few events a year and an occasional parkrunner (50). I like variety in my running.  I took a pause with some physio issues (now fixed) just before I became a regular at my GP.  Now I'm experimenting with what's feasible for me.  After starting treatment in Jan 2022 I was managing regular weekly 15-30 min runs but it doesn't feel the same and all these new hills have appeared that I don't remember before! Anguished Just recovering from a treatment side effects blip and now starting to think about going out again.  

Over to you ->> 

  • I cant do walking chat, possibly put me down for chatting whilst laying on the sofa. Thinking about it, I can't do that either. Thanks for giving me the opportunity Mmum but please pass my go to someone' else more deserving.

    That's worn me out, I'm going to bed. X

  • Hi, I used to walk for miles, play badminton, tennis and do Tai ChI Chuan but now I have difficulty walking from the living room to the kitchen and have a stairlift so that we didn't have to move house. I'd love to join your running chat but it is just not possible for me.

    Good luck with it all but like Ted, I'm tired just thinking about it!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Used to run many years ago, play netball, squash, Zumba etc. Well I don't any more. Do Ty chi and walk. My 10000 steps are down to about 6000 and that's pushing it, still dance about the house. X

  • Hi   so far you've not had any luck, only non runners replied! 

    Sorry, but you'll have to add me to the list too

    Before my back condition, severe spinal stenosis, I did lots of walking, especially with my job but also in my spare time. Didn't like running apart from cross country running with the school. I can only do about 20 steps and the pain is too great. 

    Hope you get some runners soon

    Tvman xx

    Love life and family.
  • Right Mmum, this is my chance to shine .... I can run to the bar for last orders, I can run to pick up 50p that I have spotted 10 yards ahead of me and certainly I have fun to the toilet on a regular basis. I did a walk around the deck on a cruise ship for charity and have a t shirt to prove.

    that I think qualifies me for membership,  at the lower level obviously. Am I in?

  • Well , i'm clearly not the person to say yea or nay but I'd place you just above me Grinning

    Love life and family.
  • You're a mover all right Ted. Mind you don't slip a disc. Rainie x

  • In the cold light of day, maybe a bridge too far?

    I could use my accrued wisdom and judge the entrants although I could be distracted by tight fitting clothes. Can I say that? I've said it. Sorry.

  • Hi everyone, I've never been a runner, cycling is my pleasure, or I should say was, as I've sold my bikes, and I really miss my ATB.

    Those hills you have never noticed before whilst running are the same one's I've found whilst walking.

    All the best Ulls

  • I did the couch to 5k years ago, the 9 week programme took me about 9 months with plenty of physio intervention. Once I'd completed it I never ran again. But I do still ride my bicycle and enjoy it.