Lions "Message in a Bottle"

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After listening to the "We need to talk about death" programme which mentioned easy access to a person's DNR form, I remembered that my GP has little green and white plastic containers provided by Lions, called "Message in a Bottle". The bottle is put in your fridge door where it is easy to find.

I went to my GP on Monday and got one of the bottles. There's a standard form inside that you fill in with medical info, e.g. allergies. At the back of the form, there's space for additional info and I've made a note of my DNR. I've also put the actual DNR form in the bottle.

There are two stickers that come with the bottle. One goes on the fridge door. The other on the inside of my front door (not visible from outside) where it can easily be seen by Emergency Services.

Finally, I've also put info for my wife regarding body donation and how to contact the London Anatomy Office.

I think the "Message in a Botle" is a great idea and I feel very pleased to have done this.