A little bit of good news for me...

Hi all, 

I'm nervous about sharing my good news as I know things are tough for so many at the moment, but I hope this encourages some and I wanted to tell people who would really understand the impact on me as this roller coaster cancer ride is hard work. 

At Christmas I was hospitalised with a nasty gastro bug and was told it was my immunotherapy treatment failing and I'd not be given more. This was a last attempt to find something as my cancer was growing rapidly out of control and I was referred for palliative hospice care. 

I had to have scans last week following my illness at Christmas to check what was going on. Well, my consultant rang yesterday to tell me that not only is the treatment working but it's extraordinary and has already managed to eradicate cancer that was in my pelvis, abdomen and lungs - all clear! My brain mets have gone from 5 lesions to 1 and my main peritoneal tumour has shrunk significantly. I have never been given any good news at appointments or scan reviews as everything has always grown on treatment to date. I'm shocked and delighted and nervous it's all a big sick joke but finally I have a little bit of hope that I have extra time to enjoy my children for potentially much longer than I was expecting! 

The brain is still a worry and the tumour is still there but I'm so glad there's a reduction in the rest - it feels like many Christmas's rolled into one. 

I was told I was not suitable for immunotherapy and had to seek second opinions for this treatment - so glad I did. 

Clare x

  • That's fabulous news Clare! Long may it continue!



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  • Clare, that's wonderful news. I'm so happy for you.  

  • Dear Clare, 

    That is fantastic news and I am so pleased for you. We are always happy to hear good news on here because it gives us all a bit of hope that there are treatments out there to help us. 

    I have brain mets too which are thankfully so far responding to the PARP inhibitor I am on. I was refused Immunotherapy because of the brain mets so I am interested to know the name of yours and which hospital put you on it?

    Your news has made my day. You are too young to have to be coping with this disease and with young children. My closest friend is the same age as you with a 1 year old and has just completed chemo. I was devastated for her when she told me.

    A big congratulatory hug for you.


  • Hi Clare

    Its always fantastic to hear someone’s good news so please don’t feel bad at putting it on.  Many many congratulations to you.  Lots of love and hugs


  • Hi Clare, thats fantastic news, the imunotherapy did the same to me and gave me colitis and an under active thyroid gland. They say it can can on working for some time even when you have stopped having it so long may it continue xxx

    Lynn 2

    Lynn 2. xx

  • Hi Clare,

    Don't be nervous about sharing good news, we are all in this together and good news for you is hope and support for us.

    Believe what they have told you and celebrate! 

    Albondigas x 

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  • Wonderful news Clare.  Thank you for sharing it with us.


  • Great to hear such good news. As already been said it gives hope to others. Hope you are going to celebrate you deserve to. 


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  • That is wonderful news!! What a great way to start the year and long may it continue. 

    I hope you are going go celebrate?!


  • Thanks everyone - you're all very lovely. 

    DW1202 - I live in Wales and am on Pembrolizumab. 3 weekly infusions - much easier to tolerate than chemo, just fatigue really. I'm resistant to chemo and they felt there was nothing else to offer.