Anxiety over having a second baby

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Hi all. 
It has been a while since I logged in. 
recently the other half and I have been talking about having another baby. I would love another baby (we have a 6 year old boy) however I feel odd about it, that’s the best way for me to describe it. 
I have been give clear results for a year now and it’s been just over a year since last surgery. So I feel like I have no reason to worry but I do. I am terrified about being re-diagnosed during pregnancy, terrified about dying.  I know rationally that if I were to be diagnosed again it would be any time not during pregnancy. 
I worry about my son, he said last year, a few months into recovery, that I wouldn’t be around when he was 6 (he has just turned 6) it goes round and around in my head that he maybe right. 
I feel lucky every day and don’t currently have reason to worry but my anxiety is amplified and can’t seem to get a handle on it. 
Has anyone else had the same experience? 
thank you for reading apologies for the waffling on! 

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    That's great to hear that you were given the all clear a year ago now and that you're thinking about having another baby.

    However, as you've discovered, being given the all clear doesn't mean that your life goes back to exactly how it was before and you're not alone in still feeling anxious about recurrence. Have you spoken to your CNS or GP about how anxious you're still feeling, as they should be able to recommend ways of coping with it? You might also find this information from Macmillan on managing anxiety helpful.


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    im just curious how you’ll manage scans alongside being pregnant. I’m currently undergoing treatment for melanoma and keep thinking about having a child in the future (I’m 33 years old) however what concerns me is that even if the cancer goes away and I stop treatment how can I be pregnant and have regular scans at the same time. Pregnant women are advised against all pet and ct scans so I just wondered how you’re managing this if you don’t mind me asking?  Thanks 

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    I am so sorry I never saw this message and now very late in replying. How has your treatment been going? 

    I am now in my last week of pregnancy, I am booked in for an induction next week.  I haven't had scans only blood tests to keep an eye on the markers of the type of tumor I had, which yesterday received the news my latest result was clear.  Maybe depending on the type of cancer depends on the surveillance?