Cancer free but relationship anxieties??

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Hi all  

I was diagnosed at 22 with a neuroendocrine tumour. Originally thought to be appendicitis but they found it at the base so I had to get a right hemicolectomy where they took away the entire right side of my large intestine. All of this happened within the space of 4 months, then I got the all clear and thankfully I've been okay since, aside from a few gastro problems after the op.

This was 4 years ago now but I still occasionally deal with anxiety. Though my anxiety stems from feeling very unlucky and the main way it comes out of me is fear of my partner of 7 years leaving me. I also worry about people around me dying as we are so fragile and we make ourselves so vulnerable by loving people. This is a horrible way to think and I've been to counselling etc but just wondering if I'm alone in thinking this way? I feel like I'm mad sometimes and I hate it :( I have no reason to worry about him leaving me as he is so loving and caring but I cant shake it. I've told him and he has reassured me a million times but how long will I feel this way, it is awful. 

Has anyone else had any experiences like this? It seems like a lot of people suffer more from health anxiety and i defo do too but not to the extent of the type I'm dealing with. I really don't want to feel this way forever as I just want to move on from the cancer as much as I can!! 



  • Hi Siobhan

    That's great to hear that you've come through treatment for a neuroendocrine tumour and that you're now all clear.

    Feeling anxious is a common feeling after having cancer. I think others around us expect us to return to 'normal' after treatment and don't realise that we'll never be exactly the same again. After all, how can we! 

    I noticed that your post hadn't had any response yet and wondered if you'd seen that you'd had a reply from Alex, one of Macmillan's information and support advisors, to your question in the ask an expert section of the community. If you haven't seen it then clicking here will take you directly there as he's provided links to various helpful information.

    When you have a minute, it would be really useful if you could pop something about your journey so far into your profile as it really helps others when answering or looking for someone with a similar diagnosis. It also means that you don't have to keep repeating yourself. To do this click on your username and then select 'Profile'. You can amend it at any time and if you're not sure what to write you can take a look at mine by clicking on my username.


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    Thanks so much for getting back to me, really appreciate it! The anxiety is harder than the treatment for me and I am not enjoying it lol! Before cancer I think it seems like you'll get better if you're lucky and you'll love life and never worry about things again but apparently not. 

    I did see Alex had replied but I wasn't able to reply for some reason. Will definitely try again as I really appreciated the message. I will update my profile too, i didnt even think to do that.  Thanks for the advice xx 

  • I'm glad to see that you'd seen Alex's post and I hope some of the things he's suggested will help you. As you'll have noticed the Community website has had a make-over in the last week and some of the functions, like the ability to reply to an expert, aren't currently available.

    All the best


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