Diagnosed at 21

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2 days ago I was diagnosed with parotid gland cancer. This news was a huge shock to me as my doctors reassured that it was benign, and my scans did not show any signs of the tumour being malignant. This is news that I am still finding it incredibly difficult to accept, it’s just so unfair. I’ve only just graduated from university, I’m a passionate musician with dreams of becoming an orchestral conductor. I am starting my Masters degree in orchestral conducting in just over a weeks time, so this timing could not be more inconvenient. I’ve worked so so hard the last three years and especially to get a place on this masters course at a prestigious music college, so it’s hard to think positively right now and to feel hopeful about my current situation. 

  • Hi SabbyKo, welcome to the community tho I'm sure it's somewhere you'd rather not b, especially at your age. Might I suggest you also join the Head and neck cancer group, so u can get support from others who are in  similar situation  to yourself.

    There's a phone helpline available on 0808 808 0000, 8am to 8pm . They may well  b able to advise on  how u can fit in your studies around your illness eg is the master's local or some distance away, will the college defer your place for a year?

    Good luck from an Old Fogey ( 62) x

    Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.
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    Thank you for your advice buttercup01, I’ve joined the group. I will try the phoneline that sounds really helpful, especially as at the moment I’m struggling to imagine how I’d be able to fit this around a full time masters programme. I’ll ask if it is possible to defer, it would be such a shame to have to but might seem like the most appropriate option.