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Hi, I'm currently going through the Ace pathway after my Dr has referred me for the non symptom ( I think that's the term) I will be seen at St James in Leeds. I've had my phone call with the nurse, then I understand the team sits at a meeting and discusses.

My main symptoms are sudden weight loss, dropped 2.5 dresses size in 4 months. Fatigue, I have the small spots / bruise easily.

And a few more things but that's probably abit to much info. 

I just wondered what really happens next, I went for bloods at the cancer ward on Friday. And I found it very hard the fact I was sat there on that ward, when I actually thought I was just going to a non Specific blood testing department. 

I'm 34, with two young kids which one was with me when I attend and I just really hit hard.

Sorry if this is just abit of a rant I just feel a little lost, even though deep down I know I'm not well and this is a good thing that the drs are finally do something about it. 

But yeah any knowledge of what the steps really are are next with this pathway would be so appreciated.


  • Hi LJ90 and welcome to the forum, sorry I can't help with your question on Ace Pathway, as I go to Jimmy's too I have heard of it and know it's a Leeds based scheme but nothing else. I don't know if you have heard of Maggies. there is one at the hospital, they are a cancer charity, you can drop in Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm no need to book and talk to the cancer support specialists, all professionals with many years working with cancer, I'm sure they can help, best wishes.


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    Welcome to the Macmillan Cancer Chat forum. I read your post with interest and being a bit of a nerd Nerd thought I would do some research into the "Ace Pathway" and indeed it's a fast track cancer diagnosis system and here's a link which tells you all about it.


    The interesting thing for me is that of over 2000 people entered into the scheme in the first year only 6.3% ended up with a cancer diagnosis.

    So it's no problem you having a rant and here's hoping you walk away as one of the 93.7% and it's not cancer.

    If I can do anything else for you please let me know.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • Hi, thank for your reply. Yes Maggie came up last when I was having a look at St James (Jimmy's) might be a good shout after the nurse calls me regarding next steps. I really appreciate you taking your time to reply. 

  • Hi, thank you so much for sharing the link, super helpful Slight smile