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My husband has lost 2 stone, he's on morphine awaiting radiotherapy. His appetite is very poor at the moment. We are vegan, and I wondered if anyone knows a good vegan protein drink I could get or make for him. 

  • Hi sorry to hear about your husband, I lost 4 stone during my main 2 years treatment but I am not vegan and I was on a high protein diet.

    Let’s look for anyone with experience to pick up on your post. 

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  • Hi, I'm trying to lose weight so I'm no help at all! But as theHighlander says there will be good advice on another forum for sure , there's lots of lovely and helpful people on here , fingers crossed and take care


  • Hi The Highlander and 180401,

    I'm not vegan, but veggie. I buy soy-based vegan chocolate drink from my supermarket, sainsbury's, and it is readily available elsewhere. There is also a yummy chocolate vegan dessert, a bit like a yoghourt, which comes in packs of 4 cartons. It is in the 'free from' aisle. I think both are made by Alpro.

    However, on this website, if you click on the Cancer info and Support button, and follow the links, there is a 'Building Up Diet'. It is excellent! There's lots of ideas for things to increase your weight, and advice for vegans too, like adding ground almonds or powdered/liquidised peanut butter to vegan drinks to boost the protein.

    Hope this is helpful!


  • Thank you I'll try them both.

  • Thank you. I'll get them . They will be great . His father e is numb due to the nerves being squashed so liquid is hardest but the mouse things 2lol be great xxx unwilling alsontry him on the chocolate drink. We arevyesting a range of beakers. 

  • HI 180401, and welcome I was in cancer care for many years and often had to deal with the issue you and your husband are going through and found smoothies were the most successful in gaining weight.

    Base, soy milk, almond milk (unsweetened) or coconut yoghurt, PS it's ok to mix them.

    best things to add, nut butter (natural), ground nuts but do your own, quinoa and chia seeds.

    flavour & weight gain, berries and banana's, but whatever fruit your husband prefers is good.

    Veggie option, soy milk base is best, add a little olive oil, and his favourite veggie's.

    Vegan protein powder, I have heard some positive things, but have no personal experience.

    I hope you find something that works, and my best wishes to you and your husband, good luck with radiotherapy, tke care.

    Eddie xx

  • HI. I am vegan and struggling with keeping on weight. 

    I used purition as they used natural whole food ingrediants. I added bananas and peanut butter to help with the weight. 

    Individual Vegan Sample Sachets & Discovery Boxes | Purition UK

    I am slowly gaining weight and feeling better for it.