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I have been through breast cancer treatment, chemo, radiotherapy and surgery. Lymph node’s removed. Large parts of Breasts removed.
On going through airport security I am always patted down and directed to go through the X-ray machine.

I was told that my underarm keeps showing up as something suspicious.

Has anyone experienced this and is there anything anyone can suggest to make this easier when going through security. I’m not asking for special treatment, its just that sometimes when being patted down the security ladies have been a bit brutal, I am still very tender and can’t fully stretch my arms above my head for the screening.

Any advice would be very much appreciated

Kind regards

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    Your best bet is to carry a copy of your diagnosis with you. Once you have handed in your suitcases and before security, seek out the disability help desk.

    If you explain your issues they should give you a "sunflower lanyard". This tells the airport staff you have a hidden disability and to take extra care with you. At my local airport (Manchester) it also gets you the fast track security for free!.

    (Sunflower lanyards are also on sale on that online retailer named after a South American river).

    I hope you enjoy your holidays.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • Thanks for the info ill get onto them