Recovering from nutropenic sepsis of my chest

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Hello All.

i have myeloma. I’ve had six months of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. Now I’m on Revlimid and apixaban for maintenance.

5 weeks ago I was admitted to a&e with a chest infection. They rushed me into resus because my sats were dropping and my blood results came back at 0.6 nutraphils, all my figures were dropping and my oxygen requirements were of 7litres.

They put me through a ct scan where they discovered aswell as the bloods that I had sepsis of my chest.

I was in hospital for a week, having had some very strong antibiotics and cared for so amazingly well I was allowed to go home to recover.

The reason I post this is because everyday since this incident I have been petrified of not being able to breathe. When I go up the stairs I fret that I won’t be able to breathe when I reach the top, if I have to leave the house I worry that I’ll have trouble breathing. It’s stupid I know but I’m literally petrified of it happening again.

Im not seeing my Hemotologist until June so I can’t speak to her about it yet and I can’t get an appointment at my Gp until June

Does anyone have any advice please

  • Hi  it’s Mike  from the Stem Cell Transplant support group.

    My advice is call your SCT unit and talk with them…. I was still under my SCT teams as my primary care for 3+ years…… if your primary care is back to your Heamatologist then call them and talk with your CNS…… 

    Over the 2.5 years after my second Allo SCT I was having the same problems…… 5 times back in hospital (31 days) with Chest Infections, Lung Fungal Infections, the RSV Virus, Pneumonia x2, Neutropenic Sepsis x2…… it takes your all new immune system a dignities to develop its defences to be able to deal with these effectively.


    Mike (Thehighlander)

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