Any Martial Artists on here?

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I'm a member of the Prostate cancer forum and it was suggested I might get more response to my post if I tried here

I finished Docetaxel in December and went back to exercising in January.  I'm on Triptorelin injections every 3 months and my last PSA was 0.43

I am doing karate twice a week.  I'm only a lowly purple belt but I'm trying at 62 years old ;-)

I also do Tae Kwon-Do and have done for many years so I'm not so lowly in that but my lack of stamina is embarrassing.

I'm coping with the karate as it's less energetic than TKD so I can cope better when the fatigue sets it but at the moment TKD is killing me.

I'm definitely better than I was in January I just wondered if anyone had any tips on increasing my stamina for sparring/overall training

I was wondering if anyone else has been through it and managed to get back to how they were (or close to how they were) before diagnosis



  • Hi Martin welcome to the forum.  All credit to you for your determinations to keep up the sports that you clearly love. You are a braver person than me with karate moves, I think if I tried these Id likely fall over, so not a pretty sight!!!!! I think you are doing so well and only time will get you back to some degree of fitness that sits comfortably with you . However, remember that you have been through a lot already so be kind to yourself. 

    Best Wishes  


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