Cream for the surgery scar

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Hello everyone. Do people put cream on the surgery scar to help with healing. I had my lumpectomy for breast cancer about 3 weeks ago. The scar was covered with glue which has all fell out now. The scar is healing well, but is still red and sensitive. Some parts are lumpy.  Is it advised to put cream and message it to help with the healing? If yes, what kind of cream? The hospital did not say anything to me about this. Please note that I have fluid around the scar. It was extracted once about a week after the surgery. But it refilled again. I saw the surgeon a couple of days ago about this and he decided not to extract it for the second time unless it becomes very uncomfortable. 

  • Hi Mervat, a little E45 a couple of times a day is ok, but keeping the area clan and dry is the important thing, I don't know if the fluid weeps, if it does keep clear of aqueous and proshield plus, Always good to ask one of your medical team for advice as well.


  • Hello! I had my lumpectomy in January.

    Not going to lie, I've only just recently started to moisturise the area with Nivea Care & Repair (its been so good for my dry skin during chemo!) - its been kept clean etc with fragrance free products. 

    I had some mild fluid " swish" about 3-4 weeks after surgery, thankfully didn't need draining as it was just the fluid building round the tissue to keep normal shape (swishing is gone now).

    I've got a line scar (dissolve stitches for me) which is still red, but it'll get there. 

  • Hello eddiel. Thanks for this. The fluid is not weeping at all. And I always keep the area clean. Thanks for the advice. 

  • Thanks Toady1988. The fluid in my case can be felt as a hard pocket surrounding the upper part of the wound. The surgeon explained it as fluid filling the area that was extracted in the lumpectomy. I might try Nivea care and repair or E45. 

  • Hi Mervat, I am at a similar stage to you and at my checkup last week they advised a little cream, non scented. I am using Aveeno, they suggested  that or E45. Like you my scar is healing well, still sore and a bit lumpy but as others have suggested keeping it clean and dry is most important.

  • Definitely recommend the nivea care and repair...think superdrug has/had it on offer...but I got a big tub, its used loads and still tons left! 

    Hope you get sorted :) 

  • Hi AGTenor. Many thanks for this. Very helpful. 

  • Hello Toady1988. Thanks for posting this helpful information. 

  • Hello again AGTenor. Which Aveeno cream do you use? I see there are several ones by Aveeno. Thanks 

  • I am using the daily moisturizer for normal to dry skin as it was on offer, I didn't realise it was that pricey!