Cancer referral after urgent care visit

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I'm freaking out a bit after needing to visit urgent care after some rectal bleeding. I've had a lump which was confirmed as a hemorrhoid which seemed to burst or split when I coughed heavily. However the doctor said he wanted me to contact my GP on Monday and ask for a bowel cancer screening test. I asked if he thought tbe blood was from elsewhere but he said it was the hemorrhoid and test was due to family history of the disease.

He kept pressing that I MUST contact my GP for a test and was quite forceful that I do it 

Did he say it was the hemorrhoid to keep me calm and he's spotted something else?

I'm 42 and other than this feel perfectly fit and healthy I'm just really worried he wasn't telling me the whole picture

  • Hi Michael

    I can understand why you are worried. 

    I also have a family history of bowel cancer.

    It sounds to me like the doctor is pretty sure that it is a burst haemorrhoid causing the bleeding but is being ultra cautious because of your family history, that it is not masking anything else. The FIT test is usually the first step in making sure that there is no blood in your stool. If it does come back positive it does not necessarily mean bowel cancer but may need further checks such as a camera to take a look. Am not sure if the screening the doctor was talking about was the FIT test or the camera test but your GP will go through it.

    It is good that you are feeling fit and well but I know from experience that this can be the case and there could still be something going on. So it really is best to have the bleeding thoroughly checked. Just in case. And that is probably why the doctor was so insistent. 

    I hope that you can get some reassurance quickly. 

    If talking things through with one of the nurses would help, then please do give the Support Line a call. 



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Hi,

    The doctor likely confirmed that the bleeding was from the hemorrhoid, which is common and usually not serious. However, due to your family history of bowel cancer, they are being cautious. It's standard practice to recommend further screening in such cases, especially if you are over 40.

    Doctors sometimes emphasize the importance of follow-up tests strongly to ensure patients take the necessary steps, not because they are hiding something, but because early detection of any potential issues is crucial.

    Take care and try not to worry too much. This is likely just a precaution. Also remember that it is very important to use only trusted resources for purchasing medications; to achieve truly excellent results, I advise you to use a reliable pharmacy with affordable prices and fast delivery.