Trying not to worry.

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Having had stage 4 bowel cancer in 2011 and stage 1 ovarian in 2022 a recent CT has shown "something" in the remaining bowel and waiting for colonoscopy.  CT also showed small suspect areas in each lung.  It's been decided to tackle the bowel first.  I am also BRACA 1.  I am a very positive person but my positive vibes are wearing out and I am feeling more and more scared. 

Love to all you courageous people out there. 

  • Stay strong!  It's never easy but my first consultant always said to keep positive thoughts in your head and the body will follow.  Worry only weakens the body.  You can do this and sending positive thoughts to you x

  • Thank you Bella and that makes sense.  Once I know my thoughts are always "right so now let's deal with it" but it's the unknown again!!

    Thank you for your thoughts. X

  • I'm the same with worry .. I've been diagnosed with Anxiety disorder and have been on Fluoxetine 20mg daily for a number of years now .. I have mesothelioma  and lately my breathing has been affected with shortness of breath when walking . A CT scan showed a build up of water around the lungs ... Ive had it before and had it drained ... but this time they said its in pockets so difficult o drain ... I have appt tomorrow  on 10 apr to hear what conclusion they came to ... Unfortunately the Anxiety is getting the better of me , which then causes more breathing issues ... its a cylce thats hard to break .. Any advice would be most welcome .. Cheers