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Morning. I don’t know if I have come to right place. New to this. I’m so worried. Had a pet scan for something not related to cancer but the radiologist noticed some ‘prominent activity’ in bowel that needs invest. My Rhuematologist has referred me for a CTcolonoscopy. She thinks it’s a polyp. If something shows activity dies this mean cancer, I’m terrified and can’t believe it. My mum had bowel cancer years ago.   Has anyone had anything like this who can give me advice. It was 4 weeks ago since my pet scan and still not got my referral. Thank you.

  • Hi  and welcome to the community.

    I can understand your concerns but in reality there is nothing you can do to change what may or may not be found.

    I have lived with and been treated for a rare (7 in a million) incurable blood cancer for over 24 years…… but I was in the exact same position as yourself just over a year ago after a positive FIT test……. but a CT-Colonoscopy and MRI later nothing cancer related was found and what was there was not in anyway concerning.….. let’s look for the same for you.

    Should there be anything bowel cancer related do join and post in our dedicated Bowel (colon and rectum) cancer support group.


    Mike (Thehighlander)

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