Macmillan to cut jobs?

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I'm really upset to read today ( that Macmillan Cancer Support needs to cut jobs as its income has not kept up with the demand for its services.

I'm sure everyone on the forums would agree that we really appreciate all the help we get from Macmillan and would like to express our love and support for all Macmillan staff, especially anyone who may be directly affected by these job cuts. Thank you all for everything you do.

Angus P.

  • Hi Angus, agree with you 100%. Everyone loves Macmillan, and the wonderful people who represent them, It's awful that some of the nurses who put their lives, it's much more than just a job, in to helping others are being laid off, I can't thank Macmillan enough for all they have done for me,


  • Hello  - I fully agree with your post - it's something that needs to be addressed. I for one owe the staff a great deal - one of the reasons I am here in the first place is because a lovely Macmillan Nurse directed me to the online Community - I have been here ever since!!

    Personal opinion the UK Government needs to look at things at home - not what's going on elsewhere - enough said.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • Thank you for highlighting this. My husband and I have been giving regularly to Macmillan since I was diagnosed with cancer the first time twenty years ago, but I had no idea that they were struggling so much. 

  • That's awful news. Echoing all that you said here, such amazing people doing amazing work Heart eyes We donate regularly as do family and friends and Dee's work are running all sorts of events at the moment and have donation tubs in all stores. Should be publicly funded though too. Makes me mad