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Hey - I have just seen a specialist and he believes I have cancer in the right lobe of my thyroid. He has booked me in for a partial thyroidectomy in 2 weeks and then when they get a good look at it we will know what we are dealing with. So of course, there is a chance it may not be cancer - which makes me feel a fraud for being here. But at the apt he was saying things like not good news, and not benign, and they’ve had me up at some multi disciplinary meeting - and he already had the surgery booked before I got there. So I’m preparing myself and trying to be realistically positive (if that’s even a thing). 
But… my mum died of cancer less than 12 months ago. They said she’d have a few years and she was dead in 6 months. She died in the hospital I’m having the op in.. Everyone keeps telling me thyroid cancer is a good cancer but in my head I’m like this really has the potential to grow arms and legs. My dad also died from cancer recently (4 years ago). All of my experiences of cancer are where you go to one apt after the next and the news just gets worse and worse. I’m scared they take this out and then test it and the next minute it’s something they weren’t expecting. But i know everyone must feel like that. So again I feel stupid. I’ve got work tomorrow and I don’t want to see anyone because I cry whenever it is mentioned. This has just turned into a ramble now. I was coming her to ask how you just keep going when you’re so worried it’s going to get worse and worse. 

  • Hi Jnap82 and a warm welcome to the forum, I am so sorry to hear about your mum and dad, it is perfectly understandable that cancer is at the front of your mind and you are finding it very emotional and that you are thinking of the worst things that may happen, we have all been there, and you are certainly no fraud or stupid, I don't know if you have cancer and it's not my place to guess, but i have a few cancers and know no matter what i say you are going to worry until you have your operation and get results in two weeks, I hope you get good news, best wishes.


  • Hi  can I recommend you join and post in our dedicated Thyroid Cancer support group. This is a safe place to talk to others with a similar diagnosis, treatment experience, to ask questions and get support.

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  • The way to keep going is to take things one step at a time. Don't be getting ahead of yourself or writing your story as you think it's going to pan out in the long term. The results clinic is the big one and the doc has already given you an indicator of how that might go. I've had similar appts myself and know how difficult it is not to speculate. Once you know what's what, you will be able to make decisions and act. Until then, you need distractions. have any small but doable jobs or tasks you can take on which would be good to get out if the way?