Want to scream

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Hi all 

I'm 17 months post stage 3 breast cancer 


Her 2 + 

Tamoxifen for 10 years womb thickening 22.4mm and 14mm cyst not had period for 2 yrs 

Just getting my head and life back to some sort of norm 

Then hubby goes to Dr's on Monday as he found lump in his neck last few months 

Dr arrange bloods ent referral and mentions she thinks it's cancer 

Thursday sees ent who does camera 

Urgent referral for chest x Ray 

Ultrasound on lump 

Biopsy ordered 

Rebooked to see ent April 

One tonsil is very enlarged 

Half his tounge is swollen all same same as lump in neck 

Now where I was starting yo feel norm has sent my head into sprial

And my son moaned at me saying how dare I going on nhs or even cancer now and look 

It's not about me I'm OK he said 

 From my experience a gp wouldn't mention cancer 

And consultant has ordered further test to confirm what she already suspects


They don't or test and costs of test for nothing 

Wanna scream as I'm being accused of being insensitive self self self 

But I can see what's coming Thinking and no amount of sweeping it under carpet is gonna help 

I'm sorry I just so scared and annoyed as I trying to turn what hubby going through and making it about me