I believe my mother has cancer but the NHS are not taking her in

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Hi, I am a 17 year old in sixth form and recently my mother has been incredibly ill. She has symptoms such as weight loss without eating, breathlessness, bowel issues, bleeding and others. Furthermore, she already has a artificial cardiac pacemaker in body. It is really angering me how she is trying so desperately to seek free support yet they are taking so long to get the help that she needs. I don't understand how the diagnosis process really works, nor do I know the specific type of cancer she possibly has. Right now, I know she won't be able to work until the end of the week because nobody is providing her with the help she needs. I can't find a decent job because the job market is garbage right now, my father works minimum wage and my brother has no work experience so he can't find a decent job either. My mother desperately needs help and medical support but nobody is doing anything to provide it to her and I feel like it'll be too late by the time she does end up getting help. I think it's ridiculous what the government of this country has allowed it to come to, and I don't blame the doctors or nurses because they're trying their best. Is it too much to ask that an incapacitated person should receive immediate medical attention when they need it?

  • Hi  and welcome to the Community but so sorry to hear about your mum and about the challenges she is experiencing finding out what is actually wrong with her…… this must be a stressful time for all the family.

    We all know that the NHS is unfortunately stretched but ……… its no reason for your mum not to have a route to find out what is wrong.

    Over my 24+ years on my incurable cancer journey there have been times where I have had to get my pointy elbows into the system and ‘have it out’ with various medical professionals to make progress.

    You may find it helpful to call the Macmillan Support Line open 8am-8pm (timings may differ across services) 7 days a week on 0808 808 00 00.

    This service provides cancer information, practical information, emotional support, benefits/financial guidance or just a listening ear.

    We also have our Ask an Expert section but do allow 3 working days for a reply.

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