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Good afternoon to you all. I am planning to set up Power of Attorney for my daughters, so they can deal with all of my needs when the time comes. I have been quoted between 450 to 550 pounds plus £ 85.00 for the registration fee. Does anybody maybe know of a less expensive way of legally setting this up. 

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Alana, Moray

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    I assume the fees you've been quoted are for setting this up through a solicitor. However, you can do it yourself and save yourself the solicitors fees. This link will take you to the gov.uk website about making a lasting power of attorney with all the instructions. It says that the registration fee is £82.

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  • Hi Alana I think my husband and I paid about that price, but if you go to the government website or go to Citizen Advice they maybe able to point you in the direction of doing it yourself online. Hope you get it sorted. 

  • Thank you ever so much x the amount quoted was a bit of a shock to the system xxx

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    We have just been setting this up for my in laws but they did it through a solicitor, although you can do it online. What I would say though, however you do it, it does take a long time to be registered and until it is, it is not in effect. Our paperwork has just come through to confirm the documents have been registered from being submitted around 6 months ago. For my in laws it was easier for them to do this with a solicitor due to their age etc and wanting to make sure everything was in order. They would not have felt confident attempting online, but obviously online is a much cheaper option. My own solicitor actually suggested to me that I do mine online rather than through him, which surprised me! 

    Sarah xx

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    I am in the process of registering one for my father. It's very easy to do online and you don't need to pay those fees. I think it's £85 to register (that's only the health one).

  • We've done it online for ourselves as well as some older relatives as others suggest. It's easy to follow, just make sure to read the guidance carefully as you do it - and then make doubly sure that, when you get to the stage of signing the final documents you do it exactly as required as I've read that this is apparently the most common area of mistakes being made.

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