The waiting for diagnosis is very difficult.

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I have used the Macmillan forum a number of times following the loss of my darling wife to cancer in 2021, I still find life difficult at times without her ! However before Xmas I had an annual scan on a pea sized nodule on my left lung, yes this time it has grown and so I have has ultrasound on heart, PET scan and lung tests. I flew through the lung tests, probably because I do spin class 3 times a week even at 66yrs old. Last Tuesday I received a call out of the blue from “Debbie” from the hospital, asking if I had trouble with my bowels which I haven’t at all. She then said are you having tests on your lungs, yes I am why, her reply blew me away “you need to come in for a colonoscopy as the PET scan has shown something up ! She advised I would receive details of an appt asap, it is now Sunday evening and I have heard nothing about my appt ! I saw my GP on Thursday and he was furious that I had received such a call without being given an appt over the phone by Debbie ! Now my mind is in turmoil thinking I may have both lung and bowel cancer, I try to console myself thinking that if this is the case it does at least mean I can be reunited with my darling wife sooner than I hoped.

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    I know how hard waiting for tests and results can be but I'm glad you've come back to the Macmillan online community for support.

    I can see that you're a member of the bowel cancer forum so I hope you don't mind me suggesting that you post there as well as you'll then connect directly with others who have been through or are going through what you are now.

    I'll be keeping everything crossed for a benign result for you.


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