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Hi I am very much new to all this and we have been told my dad has months left and as a family we obviously want to make my dad as comfortable as possible. 

I would  like to know what you are finding you rely more on for comfort. I want to put a box together with things in that will be useful. Like big warm fluffy socks and some hard boiled sweets. 

Any more ideas?


  • Hello   I am so sorry to read about your dad - I can fully understand your wish to make him as comfortable as possible - my thoughts would be to ask him directly what he needs but I am not the best in these situations.

    You might get some much better ideas if you join this group on the Community:

    Supporting someone with incurable cancer forum 

    If you click on the link I have provided and when the page open up you join the group and repost or copy and paste your original post I am sure you will receive ideas much better than mine.

    If I can do anything else for you please let me know.

    Sending you my best wishes at this sad time - Brian.

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