Help in finding carers and equipment

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My best friend has cancer of the saliva gland she comes under palliative care now two years after diagnosis but we don’t know how to get her a bed downstairs or some carers in to help us. She was discharged from hospital today she had a blood transfusion and oxygen but they said she doesn’t need oxygen now but we have no way of checking her oxygen sats and no oxygen to give her. we have managed to get her upstairs to bed but the cancer is on her lungs now as well as her brain and she has an infection in her finger which means they have put her on antibiotics but won’t do the palliative chemo, she’s awaiting on urgent referral a surgeon to look at the finger (it needs chopping off in my opinion) we need help we don’t know who to contact for a proper bed, extra help with general care she has three children who are living this how do we get them support ? 

  • Hi Rachel77, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Your GP should be able to refer you for the palliative care team, home  care support and any equipment that is needed. If the bed is too much you could call the red cross, they have always been very helpful to me, and there is the macmillan helpline 0808 808 0000 who will be able advise you on other support for your friend and you, take care.


  • Thank you, she has a palliative team I’ll try them today. 

  • Good to know the palliative care team are helping. take care.


  • you can get an oximeter to measure blood oxygen at Boots or amazon. They cost about £7. When my son was dying from stomach cancer the NHS provided a hospital bed on loan. I don't know if that was organized by his GP or the Macmillan nurses. Her GP would know how to get one