Trying to make sense of mum's diagnosis

I have found out recently that my mum was diagnosed with a 3cm liver carcinoma in mid April. Her latest scans have shown that it has grown to 4cm in a month. This was discovered by a liver transplant unit as my mum was transferred to them because suffers with primary biliary cirrhosis and auto immune hepatitis. The transplant unit have said that they will not consider a transplant if the carcinoma grows to 5cm or more. She has been informed by her Heptologist that oncology may not do anything for her because of her other conditions. Is this correct or should my mum be getting a second opinion?

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    So sorry to hear about your mum and everything she has been going through. Like you I am just the carer of a person who has cancer so cannot really say if what you have said is correct or not. We do have experience though of asking about second opinions and in our case we simply got lost in the system and that was especially unhelpful.

    You might like to copy your post over to Ask a Nurse who may be able to offer a professional opinion.

    In supporting you it might be helpful to look at Supporting a family member with cancer and you might like to also look at our special forums Family and friends - Discussion Forum and Carers Only - Discussion Forum because life can be easier if we feel less alone and there are lots of friends on here who have lived experience that can be helpful.



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