Cancer pills vs a lumpectomy

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Hi there. My best friend has been told she should consider having oestrogen reducing tablets first as an option for her cancer, rather than jumping straight to a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. She has a small 18mm tumour and has been told this option may reduce the tumour further leading to a less invasive procedure that may preserve the look of the breast . She’d love to know of anyones exoeriences of this type of treatment ? Did it work in your case? Did the tumour reduce in size? And did you believe the following procedure benefitted from this? 
thank you so much for any thoughts x 

  • Hi, sorry to hear of your friend's diagnosis. I didn’t have pills, but I did have chemo to shrink the tumour and that did work. I had a lumpectomy that is hardly noticeable now as my original 55cm lump was shrunk to 9mm by the time they operated. I don't know if it's the same type of outcome foe the pills you mention, but certainly I had a smaller surgery than I would have had otherwise. Hope this helps 

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  • Thank you so much for your kind reply and I’m so pleased you had a good outcome. I think this will help her make some decisions xx many thanks 

  • Hi, the lump is smaller then mine , mine was 20 mm, I went straight to lumpsectomy as it was small enough to go in for that straight away, 

    I wouldn't say lumpsectomy is a horrible thing, unless your having lymph node removal can get lymphoedema from that depending on how many removed.

    Lumpsectomy is the was best option for me  , for me as it was a small lump it's not even noticeable.

    Mine was also hormone receptive.

    Never heard of pills to reduce it, just finished my  chemo waiting on radiotherapy..

    Hope it all works out 

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply. They suggested pills to reduce it first I think because she is small breasted and a lumpectomy at this point would leave the breast quite disfigured. Hopefully if it reduces the tumour then that will be the next stage. Many thanks 

  • Hi, I wasn’t given the option but had a lumpectomy and removal of the sentinal lymph node yesterday. It is early stages for me but I am very happy with how my breast looks apart from the obvious bruising. Hopefully the scar will fade in time too.  Personally I just wanted the tumour out, hated the thought of it being there.

    Good luck to your friend.


  • Hi

    My tumor was 21mm. I had a lumpectomy. 2 lymph nodes removed. C found in one of them. Oncotype test being done to determine if I should get chemo. Will be getting radiotherapy for sure and then meds. I reckon consultants have differing opinions on treatment and the vest approach. You mentioned your friend has small breasts. I have large so maybe that's why I had surgery first. Either way I would ask the question. . Its swings and roundabouts. Tablets first then surgery or the other way round. I personally am glad the surgery was first. 

    Take care both of you