VID: Being optimistic is also a critical factor to the immune system

In recent years, there are more and more medical doctors feel the importance of  a patient's state of mind (as well as treatments and a good diet etc).  I myself strongly believe that too, especially for those who don't have a religious belief (much like self-hypnosis,more scientific we prefer).  You can watch the video and see if you agree.
I find the exercise Dr Rankin does near the end of the video very useful.  The mantra word could be "SAFE" "HEAL" or "PEACE" etc.

For those of you who prefer to read instead can "Look inside" at

Six steps (innate ability to heal, according to Dr Rankin)

1. You have to believe that it's possible

2. Finding the right support

3. Listen to your own intuition

4. The correct diagnosis

5. Prescription: what does your body need in order to heal ?

6. Surrender (IF all else fail)