VID: The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne - Stephen Fry [ 2015 ]

I have just watched this video and enjoyed it very much.

Stephen Fry has expressed it very well what most of us are too afraid to say (towards the end of the video).

Hope you enjoy it too.

  • Hi

    I watched the whole video as I have always liked Stephen Fry. You are right, the end ( last 10 mins or so) does say what so many people would like to be able to articulate as well as he can. C.S. Lewis who was a Christian believer, in his account of his grief after the death of his wife ( A Grief Observed)  wrote of his questioning of his faith, " Is God just a vivisectionist then?". He comes to a different conclusion but it is worth a read for the arguments he goes through with himself.

    Loved the Bertrand Russell quote re the teapot and agnosticism!

    Thanks for the link