Will there be Wi-Fi in heaven?

Hi everyone,

I came up with this quite a while ago now - it pretty much still sums up how I’m thinking about the afterlife. Still not come up with any better ideas - answers on a postcard welcome. Posted it here rather than on the Express Yourself part of the forum as didn’t want to offend anyone.

Will there be Wi-Fi in heaven?

Because I’ll need to feel connected

To those down below

Welling up or letting go

Will I Zoom you from a beach or a thick green forest?

And Snapchat the endless cakes on which I can forage?

Through FaceTime speak your name in a thousand tongues?

On YouTube, tell your tale, taste your lips, paint your nails?

Will my battery go weak or grow stronger each day

Or will there be only one signal

The strongest of all...

Just you by my side,

Whispering goodbye.

  • Hi greg777

    Thanks again, I smiled till near the end, then considered that thought. 

    Great words.


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