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This is my first post on this site.  I'm caring for my adult daughter who has was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer last September.  At the moment she needs to be on a low fibre, soft food diet.  Her appointment with the dietician isn't until 17 July.  I wondered if anyone could recommend where I could find a diet sheet.  I've found low fibre diet sheets, and soft food diet sheets, but not low fibre, soft food diet sheets.  I am trying to get her to take in more calories than she has been.  Her weight loss has been dramatic.

  • Hello Sophie2.

    Thanks for getting in touch. My name is Helen, I’m one of the Cancer Information Nurses on the Macmillan Support Line. Welcome to the online community, I hope you’ll find it a supportive environment

    I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s diagnosis. It must be worrying seeing her lose so much weight. It’s understandable you want to help her maximise her calorie intake.

    The diet that has been recommended for your daughter is to prevent her developing bowel obstruction. If she develops any of the symptoms of a blockage in the bowel, you should dial 999 or go to your nearest accident and emergency department (A&E).

    Fibre makes our stools form a ‘bulk’ and makes them solid. When you are at risk of bowel obstruction it is better to prevent stools that are too solid. Therefore, you are encouraged to have a low fibre, soft diet.

    I have found two guides which make recommendations for people who are at risk of bowel obstruction: If she is opening her bowels regularly and is not in any pain when eating foods from any of the stages should be suitable.

    4 Step Bowel Obstruction Diet

    Four stage dietary advice to manage bowel obstruction

    Cancer Research UK have the following advice about adding energy and protein to a soft diet.

    It would help to keep a food and symptom dairy as this would help to identify any foods that she tolerates less well.

    The World Cancer Research Fund also have a cancer and nutrition helpline for further advice.

    I hope this information is useful. Please don’t hesitate to call to speak through your concerns. If you are unable to call, you might consider speaking to us via webchat.

    The Macmillan Support Line offers practical, clinical, financial, and emotional support. You can call us free from landlines and from most mobile phone networks on 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week, 8am – 8pm.


    Best wishes, Helen

    Cancer Information Nurse Specialist 


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