Colonoscopy Results

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Hoping you can help as following a colonoscopy last week i'm a bit confused and wanted to put my mind at ease.

I wasn't given a great deal of information following my colonoscopy although maybe more than i recollect due to the sedation.

My colonoscopy report under findings says

'Patchy areas of muccal inflammation noted with erythmea and friability' Serial biopsies taken 

3mm polyp at splenic flexure - looks inflammatory - biopsies

12 biopsies taken in total i believe to try find source of inflammation and also biopsied polyp. Can you suggest why the polyp wasn't removed as i thought this was standard procedure?

Under recommendations is says;

OPC Routine, Await Histology & Patient can be removed from USC Pathway

I assume this means no cancer was suspected and/or found?

Also i have today received a letter for an outpatient appointment in 12 weeks time is this standard procedure or would this have been arranged for a specific reason?

Been advised 6 - 8 weeks for biopsy results but was told that also before i even had the procedure.

Main points looking to clarify are 

Why would a polyp not be removed and is a OPC Routine a standard procedure (also i assume OPC is outpatient hence the letter received as per above)

Appreciate any help answering these questions