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My Auntie is starting a 5 week radiotherapy course at the end of Feb (Mon - Fri) and has to travel to Leicester which is an hour drive each way - her and her husband are elderly and only really drive locally to the shop. Neither are confident or able to drive all that way - it's not really financial help they're after but we didn't know who to contact, if anyone, to arrange for them to get collected and taken to the hospital? Where do we start asking for help, do we go through the hospital she will be receiving treatment or the hospital who referred her? Or someone else? Please help :)


    I am sorry to hear about your Auntie needing radiotherapy.  This can be such a tough time, may I ask, how is she at the moment? 

    It’s understandable that travelling to and from hospital can be challenging, for lots of reasons including busy roads and parking at the hospital.  My understanding is, that the hospital referring could help to make a booking, or possibly your Aunts GP.

     I have found the link below for patients visiting Leicester Hospitals.  The link mentions who to contact at any of the Leicester Hospitals.  At the bottom of the page, are a range of Community Transport options, who may also be able to help.

    Leicester Hospital Transport Options

    When requesting the hospital's own option, the link mentions “All requests for patient transport are assessed on medical need”:  you may like to speak to your Aunts hospital team to establish if cancer patients automatically meet the “need” mentioned on the web-page. 

    In addition to the options on the link, you may like to try St John’s ambulance non-emergency transport option.  My understanding is, this option may also ask about a “medical condition” to establish a “need”:  again cancer patients may meet this criteria straight away.

    St John's Ambulance Non emergency Hospital transport

     Another option (not mentioned on the first link) is Leicester shire and Rutland Age UK.  Their web-page offers transport options for a range of reasons, not just to and from hospital.,

    I hope these options are helpful for your Aunt.  If you have further questions, please feel you can come back to us at any time.

    Take care  and Best Wishes


    Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Advisor