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We’re at the point of post radio for my husband prostrate cancer, appointment in October to see if it’s worked. Husband has no wish to go out & do anything, he says he’s lost his confidence. I feel like we should be doing lots of things now he’s feeling better but he refuses. Son is struggling emotionally, worried about the outcome of treatment, worried about keeping the family business going, feels he can’t plan anything for him & his partner as he feels he needs to be available for work as Dad has reduced his days. I feel so guilty for feeling like this but need us to start living a life of sorts again. Help & advice please. 

  • Hi @Simhur,

    That sounds like it must be a very difficult time for all of you right now so it's understandable to want to figure out a way to get back to some elements of normality.

    You mention your Husband has lost his confidence and that he refuses to want to do things you feel that you'd like to, now that he may be able to do them. It may be that he perhaps needs a little more time to adjust to what has happened, as it can certainly feel like a rollercoaster at times from the point of diagnosis, or it may be that he needs further support in some way. Do you feel that he may consider counselling or reaching out to us, or even other support services?

    We do have an partnership with BUPA where those with a diagnosis can access emotional support sessions that may be able to help your Husband. Information on the support sessions and also how to book directly for a wellbeing assessment through our partnership with BUPA can be found here, should he wish to look further in to it 

    You will see a box to start the booking process about half way down the page, under the section titled 'The Bupa Counselling Booking System'. You will also find out more information throughout the page about the service and what the possible outcomes of this wellbeing assessment could be.

    There are also services such as Prostate Cancer UK who have a dedicated support line where he could talk to specialist nurses, and also Tackle Prostate Cancer  who also offer a support line service which is staffed by those who have been through what your Husband has experienced and is possibly still experiencing now.

    I will also include here contact information for Penny Brohn who can also offer further emotional support and counselling to not only your Husband, but also to yourself and your Son, which may help your Son to navigate what is happening right now and how he is also feeling about thing. Their telephone number is 0303 3000 118

    It could also be worth speaking to one of our Nurse Specialists on our support line, to talk through the side effects and physical impact that prostate cancer and the treatment your Husband has recevied, can have. They can be contacted on 0808 808 0000 and choosing option 1 and then option 3.

    I will also include here the link to our Macmillan booklets that you and your family may find useful, about the emotional effects of cancer. They can be downloaded or also ordered online or through ourselves on the support team.

    Hopefully with further support yourself and your Husband will feel more able to get back to where he and yourself would like to be.

    Rebecca, Information and Support Adviser
    Remember you can also speak with the Macmillan Support Line team of experts. Phone free on 0808 808 0000 (7 days a week, 8am-8pm) or by email