My mum is coming to the end of her battle

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I have realised that I need some professional support because I am really struggling with coming to terms with mum’s decline. What psychological support is out there for family members?

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  • Hello Oliver and thank you for contacting the Online Community.


    We’re here to support anyone affected by cancer so you’d be welcome to talk to us about what you and your mum are going through just now. We have a team of cancer specialist nurses here on the support line if you have any clinical questions you’d like to ask about her diagnosis.

    We’re also here for your emotional support Oliver. A loved one facing cancer can bring up all sorts of feelings and it can be helpful to talk about these to try and process what’s happening. You can call in on 0808 808 00 00 (7 days a week, 8am – 8pm), web chat or email if you’d prefer.

    Our centres offer a range of different services including emotional support for anyone affected by cancer. You can check our website to see what’s near to you.

    Our Family and Friends forum is the place to share your feelings and get support from others who are going through something similar and our publication Cancer and Relationships is about coping with your feelings when someone close to you has cancer.

    Would you like to talk a bit more about what’s happening just now?

    Alex, Information and Support Adviser

    Remember you can also speak with the Macmillan Support Line team of experts. Phone free on 0808 808 0000 (7 days a week, 8am-8pm) or by email.