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Where can I find affordable holiday insurance with a terminal diagnosis

  • Thanks for your question  . I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I hope you find the information below useful.


    You can find discussions around travel insurance from people in similar positions to yourself on our online community here. There is also a directory of FCA approved travel insurers who may offer cover to people with a pre-existing medical condition here.


    You can also check with your bank or credit card as some of these accounts come with travel insurance. Just make sure that if you do have this, that you speak to them about your health to make sure they can still cover you. It’s important to check that any cover you have already, or any policy that you take out covers pre-existing medical conditions as some will make exclusions. If an insurer offers a travel insurance policy with a cancer-related exclusion, this means that you wouldn’t be covered for any claims relating to the cancer. If this is the case, it’s important to consider the risk of not being covered if you experience any problems related to the cancer while you are away. Please be aware that some packaged accounts make charge additional premiums to cover pre-existing conditions.


    Insurance companies use medical screening systems to assess the risk of offering insurance, but many companies use the same system, so the medical questions will often be the same.  However, the premiums offered by companies using different systems can vary considerably so you should bear this in mind when shopping around. If the questions asked don’t seem to fit, or don’t allow you to explain the cancer diagnosis fully, it’s worth asking the insurer if it’s possible for someone to manually underwrite the policy. This is where a person, rather than a computer looks at the health situation of the person looking for cover and decides about whether or not to offer cover and at what price. Some other insurers may do this as standard.


    If you’re travelling within most European countries, a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) is free and currently allows you access to emergency state healthcare at reduced cost or sometimes for free.


    It wouldn’t pay for you to get home due to a health problem but would cover treatment that is needed to allow you to continue a stay until their planned return. It even covers treatment of pre-existing medical conditions.


    A guide on how to access health care in participating countries can be found here.


    To apply for the GHIC card, click here.


    Alternatively, phone the automated service on 0300 330 1350. Existing holders of these cards should double-check the expiry date so that it is valid before travel.



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