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Some advice please if possible, regarding  the future Financial Implications of Car Insurance

      History - I was diagnosed with Cat4 Metastatic Cancer back in late 2021, which resulted in me having to surrender my Driving License

 due to the Brain Tumour. After Radiotherapy Treatment on the tumour and subsequent positive Scan results I was given the go ahead 

by the DVLA to start driving again under Section 88 of the road traffic act, while my Driving Licence application was being processed,

I am also receiving  Immunotherapy Treatment for the Lung Cancer.

     I am currently our Car Insurance Policy holder, with my Wife as a named driver, which we have 9+yrs NCD


1 - When the inevitable happens to me does the Insurance Policy become null & void, resulting in my Wife being unable to drive the car?

2 - Should my Wife consider taking out her own Insurance Policy now? With me as a named driver, with the likely Finacial Implications.

3 - Would she be able to claim the NCD we are currently entitled to?

4 - Or are there any other options available with minimal Financial consequences.

At this stage I would prefer not to discuss this matter with Car Insurance Companies until i have more information.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Hello @chardy


    I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis.


    Thanks for your question, it sounds like a big concern.


    Hopefully the answers to your questions below will help:

    1. Unfortunately it is likely that your car insurance would stop if you were to die, which would leave your wife unable to drive the car until she set up another policy. There may be a 'grace' period however- you may wish to check this with your current insurer.
    2. Your Wife could take out car insurance in her own name just, with you as a named driver. To find out how much this would be, she could speak to your existing car insurance company, and also get quotes from other companies as she might get cheaper cover elsewhere. There are potential pros and cons to this, as you've mentioned.
    3. With regard to your Wife’s no claims discount- it varies between policies as to whether or not named drivers 'accrue' no claims discount, so you would need to check this with your insurer. 
    4. As there is such a difference between individual car insurance policies, it can be hard to give tailored guidance without seeing your policy documents. If you would like more tailored guidance, please give us a call on 0808 808 0000.

    I hope this answers your questions. However, if you have any other questions, please get in touch.

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