Car insurance cancelled - lost my freedom!

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I really don't know how to put it but ill try as I'm very emotional...was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2019 & the next month got diagnosed with a PE (pulmonary embolism on my lung,blood clot) then had the operation and was in recovery and then my employers decided to dismiss while I was official sick leave! Had my union "Unison" trying to fight it but was told there would win on a techicality!then had to deal with my moms dementia diagnosis and trying to sort out a care home.My doctor noticed I was having mental health issues from the fallout from losing my job and got me counselling and all in the mist of this i re-newed my car insurance as well as dealing with someone crashing into me.i had dashcam footage that cleared me.

I put the car in for the repair estimate and insurance company called me saying that i didn't inform them ii had alloys,wheel locks,sticker on the bonnet! I said there were BMW ally wheels and locks where on there to stop people nicking them  and there was a sticker on the bonnet but I had so much going on I didn't remember it plus I have memory loss from one of the medications I'm on (Gabapentin ) so literally you ask. Me something and 1hr later its gone.There cancelled my insurance and claim which was lawful and not giving me any premiums back and blacklisted me and I'm getting qoute of £3-9 thousand pound's !! This mean I can't see mom in the care home and my hospital appts,therapy's seasons.i haven't been out my room (I rent a room) in over 1 week and my mental health has gone down as there have literally metophocally cut my legs and freedom off and very depressed. I've been treated by LV so called customer service treated me as a nobody and a number! I feel no motivation to do anything and told my counsolour what is the point? I really don't know !!can any one help?

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    Thanks for contacting us, and I’m so sorry to hear about what you’ve been going through with both your employer and car insurance company during what’s already a really difficult time.

    In terms of your insurer, the first course of action would generally be to raise a complaint outlining the details you’ve described. Let them know that any non-disclosure of information hasn’t been deliberate, but because of your medication and current health situation.

    If you’re calling the insurer to complain, it’s good to ask for confirmation of the discussion in writing, but most insurers will have a dedicated complaints team with a separate email address. If you choose to email them, it means you can keep track of all correspondence in the conversation and save these to refer to later. It can also be a quicker way of uploading any documents or medical evidence the insurer may request.

    I think it would be worthwhile to discuss this over the phone in more depth with someone in the Financial Guidance team here at Macmillan. It would be good for us to understand a bit more about the situation and find out what further support and guidance we can offer you.

    I think it may also be worthwhile having a chat with our Cancer Information Support Team, as this situation is quite understandably causing a lot of distress. This team can offer some emotional support alongside what we do in Financial Guidance. There’s also a Welfare Rights Team here who can carry out a benefit check for you, including a check for any one-off grants or travel expenses which might be available to you whilst the situation with your insurer is ongoing.

    Just to clarify, the Financial Guidance Service can provide information and guidance on all aspects of your personal finances to help you make informed decisions in the following areas;

    • Pensions and retirement options
    • Questions about insurance policies
    • Mortgages and money management
    • Arranging wills and trusts to protect your family
    • General financial planning questions

    The Macmillan Supportline freephone number is 0808 808 0000. The financial guides are available Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm although our lines remain open until 8pm for other services.

    You an also speak with the Financial Guidance Team, and all the other departments mentioned, using our webchat service.

    Kind regards,

    Chris H
    Financial Guide